Sacrament of Marriage


The Catholic Church, as a community of believers in Jesus, truly desires that each couple who marries in the Church has a happy marriage leading to fullness of life. The Church wishes to accompany all couples with loving support as you  prepare for marriage. Marriage Preparation course is a requirement as part of your wedding preparations in the Church. This is an important opportunity for you and your fiance to grow in an even more fruitful and committed relationship with one another.

Sacrament of Marriage:

Couples planning to be married must contact the Parish Priest at least one year in advance. One or both parties have to be registered parishioners and at least one has to be baptized Roman Catholic. Weddings are celebrated on Saturdays. If either party has previously ever gone through any form of civil or religious marriage with another person, the Priest is not permitted to set a date for the wedding until the Bishop’s Office has been consulted. You must meet with the pastor in order to have the paperwork started before any date can be set. If you would like to set up an appointment, simply call the Office.

Marriage Preparation Course in the area: