Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG)

Holy Cross Parish community is able to thrive because of your generosity!

Donations can be made at Mass or by dropping off your envelopes at the Office rectory mail box.

However, please consider registering for PRE-AUTHORIZED GIVING for your Church contributions.

The archdiocese of Toronto has established a Pre-Authorized Giving Plan (PAG) to assist you in your support of the work of the parish through your regular parish offerings. To accomplish the mission entrusted to us by Christ, the parishes depend entirely on the generosity of their parishioners. Pre-Authorized Giving allows you to give to your parish through scheduled monthly transfers from your bank account or credit card. These funds are then deposited directly to the parish account. There are various benefits of participating in pre-authorized giving, both for you and for your parish.

Advantages for you:

-The convenience of having your offering automatically contributed to the parish.

-Knowing you continue to support the parish even when you are away.

-Continual support of ministries and programs funded through the parish.

Advantages for the Parish:

-Regular, dependable contribution to the parish.

-Reduction of cash on hand.

-Reduction of paperwork

PAG also helps especially during these uncertain pandemic times by:

-eliminating and chance of COVID-19 transmission on paper/money for our counters.

-enabling your support to the parish to be continued, allowing the parish’s re-occurring maintenance expenses to be paid, even if you are not preset on the weekend or if Mass is cancelled.


Please contact the office if you require assistance.

If at any time you wish to cancel your P.A.G. please click below.